Rain Water Harvesting Project at Bhuj, 2013

Bhuj, a semi-arid region of Gujarat is prone to periodical draughts. Arid Communities and Technologies ltd (ACT) is an NGO which provides water management solutions in arid and semi-arid regions.

The rain water harvesting project in Bhuj, was undertaken by YSS and YSDK – Ahmedabad in liaison with ACT.

YSS and Ahmedabad Dhyana Kendra funded the project for 4 schools where most of the students are from economically weaker sections of the city. The area was selected based on it's geo-hydrological characteristics. To coordinate and execute different activities ACT had formulated a citizen’s committee - “Jalsrot Sneh Samvardhan Samiti” (JSSS). YSS devotees from Bhuj helped by coordinating the project. 

 District Superintendent of Police was inspired with this implementation of rain water  harvesting concept and had requested ACT to plan a similar solution for their campus and  quarters. It was inspiring to see the positive impact that this project had created.